2016 Event

New Consciousness

We live in an era when it is a luxury to disconnect. Technology enables us humans to create and share content to an extent that has never been possible before.

We have access to endless information about the world, its challenges and realities of people that are miles away from us. Similarly, our world, its challenges and stories are accessible to others. 
We therefore have to live consciously.

Conscious of our biases
Conscious of the how others live and how our lives affect them
Conscious of what needs to change

Consciousness ultimately leads us to challenge existing frameworks enforced to us through education, religion, geographical locations and culture. By challenging these, we open up to different possibilities which makes us better participants in the society, better to one another and to ourselves. By freeing our minds we gain consciousness.

The fifth TEDxOslo event will be held the 21st April 2016. The conference will be held at Nationaltheatret.

Welcome to TEDxOslo 2016!