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Date: 5th of May 2018

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"In search for understanding and knowledge we reach higher and dig deeper. Too high and too deep for most of us to understand."

In search for understanding and knowledge we reach higher and dig deeper. Too high and too deep for most of us to understand. The experts, in their bubble of knowledge, are throwing new findings and insights at us in a fierce tempo. The result is that we almost daily, have to reset our thoughts about what’s coming, how the future will turn out, and what the next day will look like.

In order to make good decisions on behalf of ourselves, the people around us and for the society as a whole, we need an overview of what’s happening in the world. A source of insight and knowledge that everyone can tap into. We need to know what’s "playing" in the world, right now, at this moment. That is why sharing ideas is important. That is why we are organizing TEDxOslo.


Piotr Pluta

Piotr Pluta is a psychologist seriously interested in humor, precisely: the scientific study of its effects on us and our interactions with others. In his talk, Piotr will explore how humor influences our perceptions of people from other cultures: its universal power of reducing distance and increasing trust; but also how, in some case, humor can underline differences.

Kjerstin Owren

Kjerstin Owren is the anti-bullying ombudsman for more than 100,000 children in Oslo municipality. Her academic background and experience includes Teaching, Counselling, Special Education and Educational Leadership. In her presentation, Kjerstin urges us to start applying a more systematic approach to fight bullying and school violence, and to stop individualizing problems in children. She addresses the important role every adult plays in succeeding to create safe school environments, and that we need to be held accountable for our own values in order to make a change for our children.

Andjela Kusmuk

Andjela Kusmuk is a Growth Catalyst at one of the top Swedish IT Consultancy firms, Netlight. She’s one of the top names in the e-sports industry, an entrepreneur and a frequent speaker and tech advisor for the Start-up community in Sweden.

She joins us in Oslo to share her idea on how we can create an equal tech industry, through video games.

Christer Mjåset

Christer Mjåset is a neurosurgeon and the Vice President of the Norwegian Medical Association. He is also a published author of five books and an experienced lecturer on different medical topics. His talk on TedxOslo is about one of the biggest problems in Western medicine: overtreatment.

Although doctors rely on standards and recommendtations in medicine on all levels, variation in the use of diagnostic tools and treatment is a widespread phenomenon. What can you do as a patient to battle overtreatment and how can you benefit from taking it seriously?

Farhia Luul Makerow

Farhia Luul Makerow is a 20 year-old Norwegian-Somali student. She has actively been working against FGM for half a decade. At age 15, she was a part of the documentary movie “Mother’s Faith, My Destiny” which was about FGM. It was shown on NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation in February 2017. Since then, she’s been working with different NGOs doing speeches about FGM and bullying in schools.

Today she is sharing the importance of working with all parties involved in the FGM-practice. The circumcisers need to be included as much as the survivors and men, in order to eradicate this phenomenon.

Maria Røsok

Maria Røsok is heading the organisation Sex og samfunn, Norways largest clinic for sexual  and reproductive health. Sex and samfunn treats, councils and teaches about 50 000 youth, nurses and medical doctors every year.

Through this work they have discovered a major general lack of knowledge of the female sexual organ the clitoris. Maria will present to us the unknown greatness of the clitoris.

Yuliya Nesterenko

Yuliya Nesterenko is a Kazakhstani living in Finland since 2012. Having left home alone at the age of 17 shaped her current views on the beauty of immigration and diversity as well as the core belief in seeing every challenge as an opportunity. Yuliya has published her own collection of poems, and is currently working on the series of short stories about immigrants in Finland. She works in a Tampere-based Startup Accelerator (New Factory) coaching entrepreneurs and innovators. Yuliya is also running several national projects focusing on supporting internationals and transforming the city into the culturally-diverse arena. She is a junior public speaker and event moderator with passion to sisu, martial arts and poetry.

In her Talk, Yuliya will share her perspective on foreseeing any life’s crisis as a unique opportunity to reinvent oneself.

Jakob Fagerland

Jakob has extensive experience from management consulting, business development and operational / interim management gained working with McKinsey, Deloitte Consulting and as an independent consultant, as well as with NGOs in Eastern Africa. Whether the client is an European company or a poor community, Jakob engage to envision and facilitate extraordinary performance, often with a touch of digitalisation. He has a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Management and a Master of Arts degree from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Dr. Morten Friis-Olivarius

Morten is a neuroscientist and is considered one of the leading experts within neuroscience of creativity. He is the founder of the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity and CSO at PlatoScience: the world's first creativity boosting headset. Originally Morten is educated as a neurobiologist from the Copenhagen University in Denmark, but specialized early in his career in cognitive neuropsychology in New Zealand. It was this mixture of research fields that made him among the first in the world to study how original ideas first emerge in the brain and develops into consciousness.

Morten is internationally known for his research on creativity and is particularly acknowledged for having shown that pre-conscious memory formation is a crucial factor in creativity and one of the most important aspects for successful creativity training. Besides his academic research Morten develops methods to apply neuroscience research to creativity training. Through CINC and PlatoScience Morten works with applying his research findings to business, design, and innovation strategy through various cognitive exercises and techniques. As such Morten's expertise lies within converting neuroscience research to creative practice and making people more creative and better problem solvers.

Silvija Seres

Silvija is a professional and personal nomad with multi-cultural passion for social and cultural changes caused by technology. She has worked in Oxford on some of the deepest theory of computer science, in Silicon Valley on some of the most practical applications of algorithms, in Oslo and Boston on some of the most profitable software products in the age of information, and now in Stockholm on some of the most regulated institutions of the new finance. She tries to connect the dots, showing how it was exactly her most frustrating minority experiences and her most challenging positive friction that make her, as all other curious and friendly cultural nomads, effective agents of change.

Roger Antonsen

Roger is a computer scientist and award-winning science communicator, associate professor at the University of Oslo, and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, California. Roger is passionate about mathematics, computer science, philosophy, creative programming, digital art, science communication, and much more. His talk “Models we live by” will be about the importance of our models for understanding. Roger has a PhD in mathematical logic and proof theory, and has been on the TED stage before.