Welcome to TEDxOsloSalon - SocEnt!

Location: Røverstaden

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Date: May 24th 2018

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24th of May, TEDxOslo invites you to TEDxOsloSalon, under the theme SocEnt (Social Entrepreneurship)!
Sustainable businesses rely on well-functioning societies and a healthy planet. Imagine doing business without them? There is a broad consensus about this way of thinking. But for decades, other ways of thinking have been leading the way. We have seen how industries around the world polluted their surroundings and had a huge negative impact on both local and global climate, and how they exploited developing societies.

Thinking that private companies could be the ones to solve social benefits, was mistrusted. However, the last ten years we have seen a shift in mindset. Driven forward by entrepreneurs who care about the planet and the people around them, and at the same time want to create a sustainable business. With the belief that these, apparently different worlds of businesses and philanthropists, could be combined and united into something better, for them, for the shareholders and for the world. These people started a movement that big business and governments today are embracing and contributing to develop, called Social Entrepreneurship.

Join TEDxOslo on May 24th and explore the theme Social Entrepreneurship. Four different speakers will share four different views on how enterprises can be part of changing how we do business.


Rick Wheatley

Solutions to social, cultural and environmental issues is a must for businesses!

Rick’s career began as a logistics officer in the US Army and later in the healthcare IT outsourcing before spending the last fifteen years working with organisational change. At Xynteo, Rick has been instrumental in developing the leadership and innovation methods while designing and leading strategic client engagements with Fortune 50 companies in the areas of climate, renewable energy and more.

Rick was also one of the architects of what has become the Leadership Vanguard – a programme where senior leaders from across industry collaborate over the course of a year to incubate interventions at the intersection of real human need and commercial opportunity.

  • 69 of the 100 largest economic entities on the planet are corporations, but business can’t continue to be big if it doesn’t take a more significant role in securing prosperous futures for customers and employees – who are after all the same people.

Photo: Kilian Munch

Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen

How to approach corporate social responsibility in a sustainable manner – step by step

Caroline D Ditlev-Simonsen is Professor at BI Norwegian Business School where she researches and teaches in the field of sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), leadership, attitudes and customer behavior. She is also a popular speaker at various conferences and events.

Caroline has an international and comprehensive business and organizational experience and is  Co-Director at BI Centre for Corporate Responsibility.
In her presentation she will share a practical step-by-step approach to integrate  CSR and sustainability in corporations.

Fredrik Gulowsen

Can we solve large societal challenges by organizing ourselves differently?

Fredrik Gulowsen is a serial entrepreneur with experience from tech-startups like Zwipe, Filmgrail, and Kolonial.no. He is today the CEO and founder of Nyby. Nyby is a new type digital platform, developed together with municipalities, NGOs, communities and private companies to enable the welfare society of tomorrow. Fredrik studied political science at University of Oslo, and holds an Executive Master of Management from BI.

– I’ve been working with tech startups for 10 years, but at the same time I’ve had a little brother whos health has deteriorated in the same period. That made me think, and reflect about how we organize care and welfare in our society.

In his presentation, Fredrik will look at how we can solve large societal challenges by organizing ourselves differently.

Jakob Fagerland

Ending hunger
The micro-investment approach

Jakob has extensive experience from management consulting, business development and operational / interim management gained working with McKinsey, Deloitte Consulting and as an independent consultant, as well as with NGOs in Eastern Africa. Whether the client is a European company or a poor community, Jakob engage to envision and facilitate extraordinary performance, often with a touch of digitalisation.

Jakob has lived in Somalia and Tanzania, and like many others who have been infected with love for the continent, he agrees that while you might leave Africa for a while, Africa never leaves you. He has a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Management and a Master of Arts degree from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


One Day I’ll Be A Little Old Lady

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