Be the Change 2017-2018 (contest)

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When hosting TEDx events and talks our hope is to inspire and spark conversations. But what happens when the talk ends? We know the feeling when inspiration leads to ideas, but somehow those ideas don’t always seem to lead to action. That is the reason why – together with the executive coach Kéa Ostovany - we launched last year, on this same stage, the program « Be the change ». We have organised a contest and chosen 9 applicants who met regularly with Kéa all this year to transform their inspiration into concrete action.


Kéa Ostovany is an executive coach, as well as a consultant in communication, management - graduated from the prestigious Sciences Po Paris. For over 15 years, she has been working with a broad range of businesses, from CAC 40 and NASDAQ listed companies and official institutions (Innovation Norway, Nexans, Telia, Sanofi, EDF, group Bel, Rémi Cointreau…) to start-up firms, communication companies (Trigger, Young & Rubicam…) and with diverse individuals from famous actors and leaders to teenagers, and from sportsmen like Zinedine Zidane to top CEOs like Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière…

Kéa also works as a coach for TedxOslo - holding the program "Be the change : from inspiration to action".

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Answer these 3 following questions, send them to before the 8th of May midnight. The results of the selection will be given on Monday the 22th of May.

«Which talk(s) did inspire you the most today and why?»

«Where in your life are you today?»

«Where in your life would you like to be in one year?»

Testimonials from Be the Change 2016-2017

«I thought the program will teach me how to change the world around me. Surprisingly, I learned one simple and yet crucially important lesson – you can’t change the world unless you change yourself  « Be The Change » taught me how to listen to (and hear!) the ‘inner me’, how to look for balance in life and that we should always stay true to ourselves be it at work, home or among friends. Ah, and also, ‘public speaking is not 1 against 200, it’s one on one 200 times’ – that keeps rolling in my head each time I have to give a talk»

Ekaterina Avershina


« From being a person that want it to happen, I became a person that make it happen. Thanks to the program, I have created a better every day life for myself, getting in contact with my feelings, and creating a better balance within myself. »

Beate Bjerke

“What the program gave me : In order to turn inspiration into action, you need to understand what the inspiration touches in you. When this is defined, you can start understand why action would benefit you or others. Often we think we lack personality traits or talent, when it in fact is all about honestly allowing yourself to look in the mirror. Suddenly you discover the ressources in yourself, that you were intrigued by in others. This is already the first step towards action, if you ask me. Because, everyone can take a step. But only when you learn to be a voice, you are no longer an echo.”

Sandra Bruun

«My initial goal was met less than halfway Into the program. The rest of the time I used to expand my comfort zone and gain a better understanding of the goal-setting process with help from fairies, knights and kings (yes, really!). Along the way I've gained a whole new understanding of myself, complete with acceptance and integration of the various parts of my life, which was also inspired by my fellow group members. Great experience, highly recommended!»

Agnes Bulanda


« Accepting yourself deeply for who you are the first step in becoming who you want to be. I've come to see that the greatest change is not to become something or someone else but becoming who I truly am, the real me, free from shame and the expectations of others.  Discover the gold within yourself first and then you'll find it in other people. You can’t love people more than you love yourself. Real change comes from the heart – it does not come from the outside.  This is the essence of my journey to change. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part in this program. Thank you so much. »

David André Berg

« For me the TEDx be the change became the start of a new journey. A journey were I know where I'm heading. And why I'm going in that direction. Bits and pieces have been separated and the puzzle is not complete but I can see the picture and it looks good. Thank you for starting this initiative ! »

Cecilia Flatum

«I was emotionally wasted. TEDx Be the Change was my hangover cure»

Yngvar Ugland

« It has been fun to have homework again, forcing me to set aside time to reflect on big topics like defining what happiness is to me, what my life goals are and discovering that I do have an inner hero. I know myself now better and I have “reprogrammed” some elements of me during the last 6 months.  Life now is much easier when I try to always remember the main goal. »  

Elin Våge Lafton

« The fairytale-analogy has been very helpful, both in my personal and work life - a great model for problem solving and goal setting. I have also been greatly inspired by my fellow participants and their ideas and projects. »

Trude Williamson

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