Practical info about TEDxOslo 2018!

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Welcome to TEDxOslo 2018!

We are proud to share the program of the day, and our speakers are ready to share their ideas and inspiration with you!

Doors open at 11:00.
The event starts at 12:00 at Oslo Konserthus.

At the venue there is going to be free wardrobe and bar/restaurant.

First session from 12:00 to 13:30.

1) Kjerstin Owren – Start asking yourself one question if you want to make a change for children
2) Geir Olve Skeie – A piano lesson for life – Changing the brain through music
3) Yuliya Nesterenko – World’s bravest change-makers
4) Piotr Pluta – Intercultural guide to humor (at home and abroad)
5) Andjela Kusmuk – How computer games can be used as a catalyst for equality in tech

Break (13:30 – 14:15) – get your snacks and coffee! It will also be possible to buy some nice food at the venue.

Second session from 14:15 to 15:40.

1) Jakob Fagerland – Ending Hunger – A New Approach
2) Farhia Luul Makerow – The power of empathy
3) Uno Alexander Vesje – Next Stop
4) Silvija Seres – We should not worry too much about the growth of artificial intelligence. We should instead worry about the decline of natural creativity.
5) Christophe Galfard – A tribute to Stephen Hawking

Break (15:40 – 16:20) – get your snacks and coffee! It will also be possible to buy some nice food at the venue.

Third session from 16:20 to 18:00

1) Maria Røsok – The unknown greatness of the clitoris
2) Morten Friis-Olivarius – Stimulating the Creative Brain
3) Akaki (Koka) Nikoladze – Beat Machines ++
4) Christer Mjåset – Why your doctor needs your help to battle overtreatment
5) Roger Antonsen – Models we live by


After the event, you can join our after party at Kulturhuset in Oslo sentrum. This party is free and open for all. Here you can mingle with others from the audience, speakers and TEDxOslo volunteers. More information can be found at the Facebook event, here.

Looking forward for a great day with TEDxOslo!

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