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When: Wednesday January 11, 2017 7pm-9pm

Where: SALT Oslo

Tickets: *Sold out*

TEDxOsloSalon is a TEDx-format that resembles the TEDxOslo main event in regards to the quality and form, however, it focuses more on the discussion, and has a more narrow focus. Salon takes place on more intimate stages with approx. 100 people in the audience, 3-4 speakers and a total duration of 2 hours.

At the TEDxOsloSalon Ocean Space event, we will meet 4 people that each have their own unique relationship to the ocean. With different angles, we will get an insight to a complex world. There will probably not be a final solution to all the challenges we are facing, but we want to contribute by spreading inspiring stories and ideas about the ocean. By doing so, we might help move the world a little bit in the right direction

The event will be streamed LIVE, so stay tuned on our Facebook page!

About the venue:
SALT has finally arrived in Oslo, and we look forward to welcoming you in 2017! SALT is located at Festningsallmenningen, along Oslo’s Bjørvika shoreline. It will stand until 2018. 

SALT consists of several structures taking their form from the fiskehjelle (fish rack), a strong symbol of the livelihoods of the people of the north. Within these simple and portable structures the audience is invited in to experience extraordinary art projects, concerts, theatre, readings and local food cultures.

Our Árdna is an insulated fish rack and functions both as an amphi-theatre and a sauna, and has a capacity of up to 80 people. This is where the TEDxOsloSalon event “Ocean Space” will be held. Four large wood burning stoves creates an intense heat, when Árdna is used as a sauna. The glass wall provides stunning views to the surrounding landscape; the fjord, The Opera House and Barcode in Oslo. There is also a bar inside Árdna, next to the entrance of the amphi. 

This is the first open event at SALT, ever. They only have closed Christmas parties until the 11th of January. The official opening will be early Spring 2017.


Sturla Henriksen

CEO, Norwegian Shipowners' Association

Sturla Henriksen is the CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. Prior to this, he served as partner/Senior Executive at Accenture Management Consulting. In addition to ten years of experience from cross industry management consulting, his professional career includes positions in the EU Commission Services (Brussels), EFTA (Geneva), the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, the Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Norwegian defence forces. Combining his vantage point as a maritime executive and his passion for diving, he invites you to a tour of the Ocean Space to explore how the vast resources of the deep blue can be unlocked to the benefit of mankind.

Cilia Holmes Indahl

Director of Sustainability, Aker BioMarine

Cilia is a business artist, working with companies to do good. Today, she is director of sustainability at Aker BioMarine, a biotech- and fishery company committed to ensuring human and planetary health. She holds a double degree in international business and sustainable development from NHH and HEC Paris, and analyzed over 400 sustainable business models for her thesis.

At TEDx Salon she will explore how we can simultaneously "save ourselves and our oceans" through sustainable business design.

Moa Björnson

Head of Development, Træna municipality

Moa Björnson is a Swedish Kaospilot, living and working in the island municipality Træna, Nordland, Norway. As Head of Development in Træna she is working with local and regional projects developing the industry, the cultural sector and the tourism. Even if Træna is one of the smallest and most remote municipalities in Norway, it is with its 500 inhabitants a creative and cultural little melting pot in Northern-Norway. The annual music festival Trænafestivalen is listed as one of the 10 most spectacular in Europe and has been an important driver of making Træna attractive, exciting and livable community.


Maren Selvaag

Composer and pianist

Maren Selvaag is a composer and pianist in jazz and creative music from Norway. In the fall of 2016 she released her debut album "Close to Shore" and received excellent critics:

"This duality between perfection on one side and the excitement and free playfulness on the other is perhaps what makes her way of playing so beautiful. A dreamy and natural way of improvising. She impresses with mature phrasing and energetic kick" - Per A. Rosens Jr, Dagens Næringsliv

"The music Selvaag presents is melodically beautiful, has an enchanting sound and it is rhythmically exciting and engaging. A recording that shines of genuineness and musical surplus. The experience of her expression is close, warm and conveying" - Bjørn-Tore Sandbrekkene, Østlandsposten

"Close to Shore is full of professional craftsmanship. The greatest star is however Selvaag's piano playing, which contains intensity and presence. Melodic and accessible". Ando Woltmann, Jazznytt

Photo credit: Andre Løyning

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