TEDxYouth@Oslo 2017

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Theme: Digital Society
Venue: Sentrum Scene
Date: 28th of September 2017
Photos: Flickr

TEDxOslo invites you to the first TEDxYouth @Oslo ever. We feel that our youth has an important role to play in the future, and want to give them a place at our stage at Sentrum Scene – sharing their ideas for a better future.

TEDxYouth @Oslo will happen on the 28th of September at Sentrum Scene, and the theme is the digital society – how does technology affect us, how should we work as humans in the digital everyday life?

Sharing knowledge is one of the cores of the modern society, and TED and TEDxOslo contributes in its way with short and inspiring talks, presented live on a stage.




Erling Rostvåg

erling tedx

















Erling works at Gamer.no in charge of tournaments and leagues. The most noteable part of that is “Telenorligaen” (Telenor League) wich is Europe’s largest national e-sports league.
– In my presentation I will try to show you what e-sports is, why it’s hard to be good at it and why people doing it are quite impressive.

«What does the Digital Society mean to you?»
– To me it’s about having easier access to basic sosial interaction, stimuli and a wider range of people and personalities.


Liv Skotheim


















Liv works at Bergens Tidende where she has been since 2011. Before this, she worked eight years at the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, and was the founder of the column “Si; D”. She has a degree in media science from the University in Oslo, and also co-wrote the book “Bitching”.

The theme for her talk is wether political commitment on social media is as effective as traditional community engagement.

“What does the Digital Society mean to you?”
– To me it means that boarders are being torn down, and that the society is getting more open, including and democratic in all ways.


Torbjørn Bull Jenssen

torbjørn (2)















Torbjørn works as an economist at a research oriented consultancy firm called Menon Economics. He has a great interest in understanding the interactions of social institutions and technology, and a particular fascination for money; the spider sitting at the center of human society, connecting everything through an almost invisible web. Building on this interest he did his master’s thesis on Bitcoin in 2013/2014, and have been spending most of my spare time, and an increasing amount of work time, studying crypto currencies and blockchain technology ever since.

– In my presentation I’ll talk about how open blockchains like Bitcoin can provide  users with digital privacy and increased autonomy. By replacing the Internets centralized middlemen like Facebook, Google and Amazon, with decentralized software running on open blockchains, users can regain control over their own data and their own actions, without giving up the comfort of a modern digital life.

“What does the Digital Society mean to you?”
– To me the digital society means an opportunity to rethink how we organize society. New technologies gives us new ways to interact and enable us to reshuffle the distribution of power in society, for better or worse.


Hvitmalt Gjerde

Hvitmalt promo 4
















The rock and roll trio Hvitmalt Gjerde will perform on TEDxYouth@Oslo 2017!
The band from Bergen made their first album in High School called “Cowboy og Indianere”, and was nominated in two categories in the Norwegian Grammys (Spellemannsprisen), for their album “Hvitmalt Gjerde”.

– When we started out, we did everything ourselves. We recorded an album in the basement of Johannes’ parents and produced our own music videos. Alongside handing out the CD to all the bars and record shops in Bergen, we put the record out for free on the Internet and released the music videos on YouTube.

– Internet provides bands and artists with the opportunity to show the world what they want – whenever they want. Your music can reach people without you being signed on a record label.

Check out some of Hvitmalt Gjerdes videos on YouTube, here!


Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa

Skjermbilde 2017-05-08 kl. 14.53.36 kopi
















Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa is a Norwegian actress and slam poet. She has worked freelance with theater, TV og slam poetry since graduating from the Nordic Black Theatre Xpress in 2011.

In 2017 she won the world championship «GrandSlam», in Paris, and is the ruling world champion in slam poetry today. She will perform a spoken word piece named “I wish”

What’s your favourite TED talk?
–There are so many good ones, but I really like “Strange answers to the psychopath test” by Jon Ronson.


Vivi Svendsen

vivi tedxyouth web













Vivi Svendsen is our first speaker from our Open Mic that we held at Nobel Peace Center.
Vivi has in the age of 18, amongst other things, sung for the pope at the Vatican, and helped with university level research, both in the US and in Norway since she was eleven years old!
– Self-soothing is a concept we teach infants so that they can sleep alone at night, and yet, a concept we lose sight of as we become adults. In a society where self-reliance is a lost art, what if we could reach inside ourselves for the affirmation we seek, instead of being soley dependant on others? says Vivi.

“What does the Digital Society mean to you?”

– A digital society means creating an open space where we can freely express and exchange thoughts and ideas. The digital society opens the door for likeminded thinkers, and makes the world a smaller, more enlightened place.



coucheron tedxoslo tedxyouth














Sebastian Kornelius Coucheron-Gautier Teigen, otherwise known as Coucheron will be playing at TEDxYouth@Oslo!

Coucheron released his debut EP “Playground” in 2015, and caused a stir with his collaboration with Kehlani. Their track, “Alive” warranted a Grammy nomination for “Best Urban Contemporary Album”. After accidentally sampling his own music, he now feels that none of his work goes to waste, and has gotten rid of writer’s block.

“What does the Digital Society mean to you?”
–The Digital Society has given us an influx of awesome tools, and I utilize them everyday. However, I’m also scared by the fact that we’ve grown so dependent on them. I hope that we remain able to express ourselves in the real world, not only on the internet.



Samuel Massie

samuel sort hvit




















This 24 year old sailor who wrote the book Hold Fast in 2014, will be giving a talk about his own experiences of how nature and sailing gave him a new perspective on how to cope and work in a digital era.

“What does the Digital Society mean to you?”
– For me it’s something which have made a huge impact on the world, mostly good – but is also something which can offer great challenges.


Vegard Møller

vegard møller tedxoslo tedxyouth

















Vegard Møller is a writer and speaker on philosophy and politics. His mission is to eliminate dogmatical thinking. Past experiences include blogging, radio and politics. He now studies philosophy, writes blog posts and makes video essays.

He’s going to talk about why we need to learn about cognitive biases, logical fallacies and pseudoscience in school. We learn a lot about what’s generally accepted to be true, but very little about how we know what we know. We don’t want our politicians to commit logical fallacies, be scientifically illiterate or motivated by racism while consciously thinking they’re not.

“What does «the Digital Society» mean to you?”
– When I hear about «The Digital Society», I imagine a future where Artificial Intelligence takes care of all our basic needs like food, water, electricity and public transport and every country and individual is connected through the web.


Nassima Dzair

image1 (2)



















Nassima Dzair is the founder and CEO of InterBridge, a social entrepreneurship that educates youth from different social and geographical backgrounds into becoming impact agents. By building capacity, developing leadership skills and inspiring them, the goal is for them to feel belonging, be socially responsible by actively contributing to their local environment and providing solutions in innovation processes through collaborations.

Dzair’s career and passion consists in bridging the gap between sectors, cultures and individuals, to create and implement solutions for more inclusive and sustainable communities. The theme for her talk is “Educating Youth into becoming impact agents taking social responsibility”.
“What does «the Digital Society» mean to you?”

– Technology opens the possibility for more sharing of knowledge, transparency and innovation. “The digital society” uses technology to facilitate processes and solve some of the global challenges we face in our world today.


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